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Capture everything that you adore about modern furniture from its design and shape right down to its colors with the addition of the Broyhill Sunny Sofa into your home. Ideal for any living room, family room, sitting area or den, the Broyhill Sunny Sofa is a modern piece of furniture that can turn any contemporary or transitional space into something to talk about. This bold and contemporary-looking furnishing offers plenty of detail with its tapered, rich brown legs and its recessed track arms. Both of these aspects of this sofa give it a pointed, crisp and clean silhouette that will afford you a timeless modern look that adheres to the styles of today. The Broyhill Sunny Sofa comes with a frame that has four over two back seating so that you will always have plenty of room to get comfortable. It can comfortably accommodate a few people at once and makes an excellent sofa for watching movies. The t-cushion seats make them simple to fit into the couch itself, offering not only ease of use but a touch of character and classicism all at once. Its straight back cushions offer the finishing touch to this modern furnishing.

Sunny Sofa

SKU: 4211-500
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